Langri (Set of 3)

Langris are used to make dry vegetables. This set of three utensils is aspirational to have for traditional Indian cooking.It is part of our collection, 'The Artisan's Trunk', 2.0 - a limited edition curation of traditional Indian kitchen wares.

Material : Copper, with hand kalai (food grade tinning) inside.

Dimensions : 8" dia X 2" ht

                      9" dia X 2" ht    

                     10" dia X 1.75" ht 

Weight :        350gms                                  



Condition : This is a remake of a traditional product. Replicable on request. It retains a rustic charm common to hadncrafted pieces

*This product will be shipped in 2-3 weeks from receipt of order.


Rs. 3,900.00

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